In loving memory of

Smores was the best cat I ever had. She loved meowing at me and talking to me. She listened to me and talked to me and would brush up against my hand if I didnt pet her. If that didnt work, she would meow in my face until I did. She was so affectionate since a kitten and loud noises from the kids or me yelling didnt scare her she would stay right by my side because she knew I loved her and she trusted me and knew I would never cause her harm. I adopted Smores with her sister Sparkles at eight weeks old. But Smores built a bond with me almost like a dog would, she became my best friend. She knew tricks, she came when called and she love being petted. Anywhere I rubbed her she would stretch out for me and never wanted to stop getting rubbed. I would have to stop rubbing her. Especially the belly rub, she loved when I rubbed her belly and behind her ears. She followed me throughout the house everywhere I went. She was like my little shadow. I love her dearly and will love her forever. Unfortunately, she got outside that morning and the next morning my heart broke when I seen her lifeless down the street. Im so sorry smores I wish you were still here sleeping on the edge of my bed or on top of my head. You know you were my favorite pet in here. I let you always get some of my food. Ill be missing you forever. I love you smores keep me and Sparkle well . God bless you and Ill see you in the afterlife.

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