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Haou was a feral kitten that my son rescued. We immediately knew Haou was so special. Haou was my son’s best friend through good and bad times. When we moved to PA in 2020, Haou became my granddaughter’s best friend too. He would come running to give her the sweetest kitty kisses everytime she was near him. Haou is a bit hard to pronounce ( HOW-OOH) but his name was her 2nd spoken word. To lose this great soul was devastating. We needed someone who really understand what Haou meant to us. Scott was the kindest, most patient and understanding person. Even though we had to leave Haou with Scott for 2 days, we felt like we were leaving him with a friend. Scott never pressured us to purchase anything extra, he simply left us alone to choose what we wanted. I can’t say enough good thing about Pet Passages. If you need this service, know that your loved friend will be in excellent hands. Thank you, Scott.

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