In loving memory of
Phaedra (Baby Phae)

Baby Phae came to us through a local shelter as a puppy. Out of all of her brothers and sisters Phaedra was the only one out of the group that approached me during my visit at the shelter. It took her less then five minutes to find comfort on my lap. We spent a half an hour outdoors when i realized I didn’t come here to choose a dog,I was led here by a void in my life so that a dog could choose me. Phaedra made her way into my life and heart on this day. I was able to bring her home the following day. Phaedra was a short-haired black lab mix that came from a shelter down south that was destroyed by a hurricane,she was a second chance dog being brought up north for adoption. I believe we were both given second chances and I’m so glad I took it. Phaedra was the sweetest, most well behaved dog I’ve ever had. We will miss and love you alway Baby Phae,Sebastian says he will take care of us while you are gone. Peace and love,we will see you heaven.

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