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Hinja was an unplanned pet. I spent many days partying with some old high school friends, who happened to have a visiting stray kitty named Dot. Dot unexpectedly gave birth to five kittens, 3 of which eventually found their way to me and my family. Hinja was my best friend and road dawg for the next eleven years after that. Who knew I would become an animal person because of this cool cat. I swear he was a human in one of his nine lives. He was very loving, very kind to anything and very tolerant to my child. He would never hurt anything he sees, even if they are the mice he is supposed to be hunting. Hinja was loved by everyone that crossed his path. He was their Chonky in his own way with them. He was an adventure kitty, having made his way to many different states. Born in Sacramento, but passed in Philadelphia. What a grand adventure this kitty has been. Im happy and honored to know that even though he was part of only 11 years of my 32 years of life, that he chose me to be in all of his. And for that, I will always be grateful for teaching me to truly love unconditionally.

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