In loving memory of
Man Man

I miss my cat Man Man sooo much. I really cant believe hes gone. My baby still had more life to live, more love to give & receive. He didnt deserve this, & Im sooo sorry this happened to him. Manny was not a regular cat, he was one of a kind. Kinda like a dog in a cat body lol he was so smart, loving and spoiled rotten. I made sure I gave him and his brother the best life. From the crystal blue litter to the best cat foods. He had soft and hard food . My baby was so greedy. I always made sure he ate good. He was so fat & fluffy but very much active. Manny was always alert and ready for the smoke. Lol, I hated how he acted when his bowl wasnt full though, he was so ignorant when it came to that. But other than that my baby was the best cat you could ask for. Man Man was the type of cat that absolutely did not like being picked up, but he LOVED getting petted. I mean he would not leave you alone until you pet him! To my fat man, I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! I pray you knew that. I pray you knew how much I cared about you. Im so sorry this happened to you, I miss you every single day. I wish you could come back. Please come visit me in my dreams one day, I need to see you again. Thank you for saying good bye that night before I left out for work. You was hiding out in the cabinet for 2 days but came out to say goodbye before you left me. I will never forget the last moment we shared, your last meow & the last time I petted you. Fat man, You made me like cats when I never liked them. You showed me real love & I appreciate you for that so much. RIP FATTY, I will always love you & you will forever be in my heart. Muah

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